ILSF Full Membership


As of the 1st of January, 2018, Malta Red Cross became the recognized Full Member of the International Life Saving Federation representative for Malta.

This recognition brings with it the responsibility of ensuring that Lifeguards are trained to ILSF standards and also ensure Beach Safety for those beaches carrying the FEE Blue Flag.


ILS presently includes over 100 member organisations, which collectively include millions of individual members.  The ILS issues certificates to qualified persons who wish for international recognition for their level of training where this meets the minimum internationally recognised competencies published by ILS.

Beach Safety:

Many beach operators throughout Europe currently apply for a Blue Flag to fly at their loca­tion, to show that their beach has reached agreed standards according to the criteria laid down by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) Blue Flag Campaign.

The safety aspect is getting more and more relevant, because the drowning figures all over the world are much too high and do not decrease enough. Only in Europe 35,000 – 40 000 people lose their lives to drowning every year*.

During recent years the International Life Saving Federation of Europe (ILSE) and the FEE agreed a common approach to the Beach Management Criteria for the Blue Flag.

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