Community First Response Unit now in operation


Thanks to funds from the Voluntary Organizations Project Scheme (VOPS), Malta Red Cross can now provide a new service for the local community - the Community First Response Unit. 

As of June 1, two fully trained Medical First Responders from the Operations section began a daily patrol of the north of the island

The trained volunteers respond to calls from the Malta Red Cross lifeguards and also the Accident and Emergency (A&E) department at Mater Dei hospital. The Medical First Responders provide critical medical aid to those in need of assistance until an ambulance arrives on site.

To date, the unit typically replies to 100 calls per week, ranging from minor requirements to life-saving action.

During a recent visit to the Malta Red Cross base of Operations, Minister Helena Dalli commended the work of the dedicated volunteers and urged the Society to extend the service to the south of the island.

community response unit

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