National Disaster Response Team

With close links with the British, Italian, Spanish and Bulgarian Red Cross Societies, we have continuous support from the International Federation and the International Committee.

Our dedicated volunteers are trained with the necessary skills to provide medical expertise across a wide range of scenarios and also provide crucial support to the health authorities as required.

We are committed to investing in our team and provide training and certification in a number of courses including:

  • first person on the scene
  • incident command and control
  • leadership skills
  • radio communication
  • patient handling
  • infection control
  • logistics
  • urban search and rescue
  • rope and sea rescue
  • medical training


As the largest relief organization in Malta -and following the Libyan Crises where we assisted the government, the Civil Protection Department and the Health Authorities - we continue to invest in our capabilities to respond in times of calamities.

Malta Red Cross can quickly and efficiently deploy emergency relief and aid and continues to invest in resources to facilitate a rapid response.

Currently Malta Red Cross can provide:

  • our National Disaster Preparedness Hub located at the Base of Operations in Pembroke
  • six fully-fledged ambulances (grade B level) that can easily be upgraded to Level C
  • an incident support unit (currently based at MDH) - this is a fully self-sufficient unit equipped to instantly create a 12-bed clinic on site
  • a mobile clinic/ambulance and rapid response clinic which can take up to 10 patients
  • two people transporters with wheelchair lift (currently used as priority 3 ambulances)
  • six 4 x 4 medical support vehicles also equipped for rescue
  • three all-terrain vehicles and a rapid response quad bike also capable of carrying a critically ill trauma patient
  • a 4 x 4 rough terrain patient transporter with a stretcher
  • two 4 x 4 trucks for mobilisation of crew and equipment
  • a truck with a mobile storage facility and also used to carry backup equipment
  • a mobile control unit equipped for all types of communications including, mobile, satellite, radio and various technologies including video coverage, a tracking system for all our assets and teams on the field and data logging among others
  • a self-sufficient rapid deployment triage tent which is fully inflatable (within three minutes)
  • 20 medical tents which form an advanced medical post including up to 120 beds
  • shelter, food, cooking utensils, hygiene packs, blankets and clothing for up to 140 families