Inauguration of the Malta Red Cross Disaster Preparedness Hub


This article originally appeared in the Malta Independent.

A new National Disaster Preparedness Hub will provide temporary accommodation for up to 500 people in the case of an emergency.

The hub, operated by the Red Cross, was inaugurated by Home Affairs Minister Carmelo Abela and Health Parliamentary Secretary Chris Fearne today.Malta Red Cross Disaster Preparedness Hub

Robert Brincau from Red Cross Malta said the hub - a large tent backed by supplies, ambulances, boats and other equipment - had cost the voluntary organisation over €60,000.

Red Cross Malta provided medical assistance to some 1,600 people this year. An ambulance operated by the organisation in Paceville throughout the Christmas period had assisted 140 people.

Mr Abela said the government gave the organisation around €14,000 every year and was in the final stages of an agreement which would see its volunteers work more closely with national entities.

Mr Fearne said that the public is aware that the Red Cross had saved many lives in Malta in the past, and more recently at the tragic high-speed crash at the Paqpaqli charity event.

This year is the Red Cross’s 25th year of operations in Malta.

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